Project deliverables

D1.1 Ethics advisor's first report

D1.2 Ethics of profiling, the risk of stigmatization of individuals and mitigation plan

D1.3 Ethics Advisor

D2.1 Requirement Analysis Report

D2.2 Reference Architecture and components specifications

D2.3 EU wide legal and ethical review report

D3.1 Data Collection Devices - specifications

D3.2 First version of all technological tools and subsystems (Portable unit, ADDS, DAAT, portable radar, FMT, Avatar based dialogue)

D4.1 First version of the iBorderCtrl software platform

D5.1 Integration Plan

D7.1 Project Web Portal

D7.2 Project flyer

Project Flyer

D7.3 Dissemination and communication plan

D7.4 Early Business Plan

D7.7 Project Flyer 2

        Project Flyer 2

D8.1 Quality Management Plan

D8.3 Periodic Progress Report

D8.4 Annual Report

D8.5 Periodic Progress Report 2



Articles and Publications in Conferences and Journals

1) Horizon:The EU Reasearch & Innovation Magazine,"Avatar interviews and portable scanners to speed up border crossing",

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9) O’Shea, J.  “Dr James O'Shea - written evidence” (to the UK House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Select committee), AIC0226, published  26 October 2017,


Appearance and Presentations in Exhibitions and Events

1) iBorderCtrl Global Presentation

2) iBorderCtrl Poster

3) Presentation of iBorderCtrl at the STEM Outreach Activities workshop at the event Fun Tech Jobs - A series of short talks on Engineering and Computer Science, designed to Inspire, Educate and Engage, 5th December 2016. The event was sponsored by the School of Computing, Mathematics & Digital Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University, IEEE Women in Engineering United Kingdom and Ireland, and IEEE Women in Computational Intelligence.

4) Presentation of iBorderCtrl at the end-user workshop on new intelligent portable control systems for land border checks with the participation of the Hungarian project team and external experts from law enforcement, private security sector, research and academia, 14th December 2016.

5) Presentation of iBorderCtrl as part of STEM Outreach Activities, short talk on Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Networks at Levensulme Girls High School in Manchester (United Kingdom),15th December 2016.

6) Key note talk entitled “Automated Deception Detection for EU Borders’” at the British Academy / Goldsmiths Sponsored Event at Manchester Metropolitan University on 31st March 2017.  Details:

7) Presentation of iBorderCtrl by European Dynamics at the FRONTEX Workshop on EU funded border security research projects, 8th June 2017.

8) Special Session on iBorderCtrl at the "4th edition of the EAB Research Projects Conference", 18-19 September 2017, Fraunhofer IGD, Darmstadt, Germany. 

9) Key note talk entitled “Automated Deception Detection for EU Borders’” at the British Academy / Goldsmiths Sponsored Event at Manchester Metropolitan University on 31st March 2017.  Details:

10) Presentation of iBorderCtrl on the Panel session AI and Ethics at the IEEE Day for United Kingdom and Ireland Talks, Profiling Women in Engineering, STEM event, 7th October 2017 at the University of Westminster. 

11) Showcase of iBorderCtrl project at the IEEE Workshop on IoT, Women in Engineering , Liverpool, 17th October 2017.

12) Presentation of iBorderCtrl at the “Borders, Eastern Conference and Border Protection Fair” 25-26 October 2017, Lublin, Poland.

13)  iBorderCtrl was presented at the World Border Security Congress on the 20th-22nd of March 2018, Madrid, Spain.

14) Presentation of the silent talker and related Artificial Intelligence Psychological Profiling at the Trailblazing Technology Conference: The Future Impact of AI and Tech on Manchester, 23rd March 2018, organised by pro-manchester business development organisation.