The external Schengen Land Borders in Greece is about 1248 km long, consisting of border sections to: Albania (246km), North Macedonia (256km), Bulgaria (531km) and Turkey (215km). Therefore, the Greek authorities have significant expertise with land borders to third countries.

Testing took place at KEMEA and TRAINOSE premises, involving only members of the Consortium and the Greek Border Authorities.

For this demonstration, three different cases were examined a) Pedestrians, b) Vehicle and c) Passenger train crossing the borders.

The three test cases were performed almost in parallel and participated in by authorized personnel from the Greek Border Authorities with significant experience. The pilot tests were mainly focused on a) usability testing of the Traveler User Application (TUA), the Border Guard User Application (BGUA) and the Border Manager User Application (BMUA), b) usability and ergonomics testing of the Portable unit with the hardware sensors integrated, c) testing of the overall iBorderCtrl system on checking specific test scenarios and d) testing the mobility concept of the Portable Unit (in this case simulating its use in a moving or stationary train environment).