The external Schengen border in Hungary is about 1139 km long, consisting of border sections to Croatia (EU), Serbia, Romania (EU) and Ukraine.

To test the proposed system in a relevant environment, the Hungarian National Police offered a border crossing point (‘BCP’) having the infrastructure to properly test and validate the capabilities of the system in a pilot deployment. Following an initial phase, where the user interface experience was assessed, without focusing on the actual performance of the prototype, the iBorderCtrl system validation was carried out in restricted conditions by border control officers selected and trained for testing at the BCPs, focusing (a) on the practical issues and the performance of the iBorderCtrl prototype, and (b) on the system’s performance when carrying out case study based scenarios. It has to be noted that the system validation tests did not include real travelers, but only members of the Hungarian National Police to test the system in the real-life conditions of a BCP.