The total border length of Latvia is 1878 km including land border (1380 km) and sea border (498 km). There are totally 31 border crossing points (5 airports, 10 seaports, 3 railways, 13 roads).

The tests of the proposed system were carried out by qualified Border Guard officers with experience guided over the years at one border crossing point. Prior to the system validation, the involved officers were familiarized with and trained in order to provide comprehensive opinions and findings with regard to the developed products. In addition, the environment for testing of the prototype of the portable unit has been organized and set according to previously agreed and approved conditions including dedication of special isolated facility and technical installations in the territory of the BCP. During the pilot tests all iBorderCtrl applications and modules were tested in terms of ergonomics and usability while the overall iBorderCtrl system was tested on specific test scenarios (legitimate and illegitimate). The system was only used by personnel of the Latvian Border Guards and was not used with real travelers.