In more detail, the iBorderCtrl overall specific objectives are the following:

  • To significantly increase the efficiency in terms of traveller throughput at the border as well as security in terms of significantly fewer successful illegal crossings
  • To achieve greater comfort, reduced time at the border by utilising the portable traveller devices and portable units
  • To utilize pre-registration step as a means to better inform travellers of their rights, the procedures they will have to go through for their travel, the data collected and how they are analysed as per EU and national legal requirements and to obtain, were necessary, an informed consent from the traveller
  • To reduce the subjective control and workload of human agents and to increase the objective control with automated means that are non-invasive and do not add to the time the traveller has to spend at the border
  • To create of a fifth tier for the four-tier access control model of the Integrated Border Management System involving bona fide travellers, especially regular travellers into a Schengen-wide frequent traveller programme including a reward system based on number of successful crossings and trouble-free stay