iBorderCtrl is a solution that is focused on changing the traditional approach followed in border management with a new vision based on the development of a two-stage procedure for the travellers and the integration of advanced technologies for data analysis for Border Guards.

The system provides, for example, the possibility of integrating the similar functionalities of the new ETIAS system and extending the capabilities of taking the border crossing procedure to where the travellers are (bus, car, train, etc.) instead of moving the travellers to where the checking booth is.

iBorderCtrl solution has been designed as a highly customised system which offers a wide range of capabilities such as:

  • New two-stage procedure for border crossing (pre-registration and check at the Border Crossing Point (BCP))
  • Provide early-warning capabilities due to risk assessment
  • Easily expandable with new technologies or functionalities.
  • Adaptability to the requirements of each client.
  • Three different interfaces, one for each type of user of the system (Travellers, Border Guards, Border Managers)
  • Document validation capabilities
  • Face recognition capabilities
  • Portable unit with Commercial Off-The-Shelf technologies
  • Hidden human detection capabilities
  • Data Analytics and statistics


Project Outcome

The system consists of three different interfaces and different modules for processing the gathered information. There is one application for the traveller (Traveller User Application -TUA), one for the Border Guard agents (Border Guard User Application - BGUA) and one for the Border Guard Managers (Border Manager User Application – BMUA). The modules that complete the system are in charge of processing the information, analyse the possible risks associated and provide useful information to the border guards to manage more effectively the Border Crossing process.

The iBorderCtrl solution was designed and developed taking into consideration the requirements, guidance and expertise of the 3 end-users participating in the project, namely the Hungarian Border Guards (HNP), the Latvian State Border Guards (BSG) and the Greek Border Control and Hellenic Police officers (KEMEA). These experts were the ones who also evaluated the iBorderCtrl complete system and individual components in their early and final versions during extensive piloting tests that took place in 3 countries (Hungary, Latvia and Greece) and in two pilot test phases (Test Phase 1 and 2).

The conclusions of the pilot tests based on the valuable feedback received by the Border Guards and the Border Managers that participated in the pilots in relation to the iBorderCtrl innovations can be summarised to the following:

  • The alignment of iBorderCtrl and the Traveller User Application (TUA) with the upcoming ETIAS implementation and the potential application of the different modules in iBorderCtrl was highlighted by the end-users.

Project Outcome 2


  • The Border Guard User Application (BGUA) was considered as a user-friendly application that allowed to simplify the operations with the Portable Unit (PU). It was very easy to setup, learn and use even from staff, who was inexperienced and not familiar with the relevant technology.
  • The PU was also effective for border checks conducted outside the BCP facility (e.g. in trains), where border guards operate in a limited space and time. The use of the PU reduces waiting time at the borders and raises the satisfaction level of the travellers which adopt a better attitude towards official procedures.
  • The Border Manager User Application (BMUA), was considered as one of the most interesting tools presented to Border Managers, opening new dimensions in the future in comparison to the currently used traditional means, tools and ways of collecting and analysing data and risks related to border crossings.