The overall scope of TRESSPASS is to modernize the way the security checks at border crossing points (BCPs) are held out. The old fashioned way “All passengers pass through all the required security checks” seems to have worked the old times when the traffic was low; but nowadays with the ever increasing traffic this practice seems to fade out. TRESSPASS imports the idea of “Risk based” security checks and proposes an analytic framework for modelling risk as well as a systematic approach of quantifying risk, based on a set of indicators that can accurately be measured across all four tiers of the Integrated Border Management. Once these indicators are accurately estimated from available data collected from background information, sensors and applications, the risk for each traveler is reliably calculated, based on the four-tier risk management approach introduced in TRESSPASS.

European Dynamics and KEMEA from iBorderCtrl participate in this project.




FOLDOUT focus is on through foliage detection in the inner and outermost regions of the EU. Foliage penetration is an unsolved important part of border surveillance. By solving the problem of unreliable detections in such harsh environments border guards’ workloads are reduced, costs are reduced and, last but not least, lives can be saved.
Detecting people through dense foliage in extreme climates with only a penetration technology is prone to high fault rates. FOLDOUT will build a system that combines various sensors and technologies and intelligently fuses these into an effective and robust intelligent detection platform.

European Dynamics, ITTI and KEMEA from iBorderCtrl participate in this project.




FastPass FP7 Security EU Project

FastPass aims to establish and demonstrate a harmonized, modular approach for Automated Border Control  (ABC) gates.




ABC4EU FP7 EU Project

ABC4EU identifies the requirements for an integrated, interoperable Automated Border Control (ABC) system, taking into account the future needs derived from the Smart Border and other EU and national initiatives and paying very special attention to citizen rights, privacy and other related ethical aspects. ABC4EU focuses in the need for harmonization in the design and operational features of ABC Gates, considering specially the full exploitation of the EU second generation passports and other accepted travel documents.




MobilePass EU Project

MOBILEPASS focuses on research and development towards technologically advanced mobile equipment at land border crossing points.





EFFISEC delivers to border authorities more efficient technological equipment for identity and luggage control of pedestrians and travellers inside vehicles, at land and maritime checkpoints, while maintaining or improving the flow of people crossing borders and improving work conditions of border inspectors, with more powerful capabilities, less repetitive tasks, and more ergonomic equipment.





The TABULA RASA project, analyses the weaknesses of biometric identification process software in scope of its vulnerability to spoofing, diminishing efficiency of biometric devices. The main goal of TABULA RASA is to provide more resistant systems and standards for protection of biometric devices against spoofing.



Bodega (H2020)

BODEGA project aims to investigate and model Human Factors in border control to provide innovative socio-technical solutions for enhancing border guards’ performance of critical tasks, support border management decision-making, optimize travellers’ border crossing experience and build an expertise at the European level about Human Factors at border lines in a way to enhance its efficiency without side effects to the end users (border control agents and managers and land, air and maritime travellers).



C-BORD (H2020)

The mission of C-BORD is to develop and test a comprehensive cost-effective TRL-7 solution for the generalised inspection of container and large-volume freight in order to protect EU borders, coping with a large range of container non-intrusive inspection (NII) targets, including explosives, chemical warfare agents, illicit drugs, tobacco, stowaways and Special Nuclear Material (SNM).