The iBorderCtrl project focuses on enhancing operational conditions at the border crossing stations in terms of efficiency and accuracy, user-friendly human empowerment and high reliability. iBorderCtrl combines a pre-arrival control for reducing the time spend at the actual border control, and a portable control unit that consists of a number of programs that facilitate and accelerate the border control procedure. In particular, the novel applications are expected to enable efficient and reliable identity checks through the application of biometric technology, the ability to automatically and rapidly detect document forgeries and elevate the process and security to new levels, by calculating a cumulative risk factor for each specific traveller.

iBorderCtrl also involves border control experts who use the novel technologies, incorporated into the iBorderCtrl platform. The process involve all the steps and procedures that guide the work of the border control experts. They will be validated in real operational scenarios depicting the variety of cases (train, vehicle, pedestrian, etc.) in 4 EU countries with border to countries outside EU.